Starry Night

The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh (1889). Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Wind colors the spaces between
stars, swirling down to the hills,
tugging sky to the still village.

Warm lamps try to out-glow
their celestial ancestors, but homes
box in the light, square it off

while stars sing of wild freedom
and the moon lures the green
earth above the village geometry.

I would stand outside that village,
behind the moon-lured earth,
tendrils of my hair like the liquid

branches, carried to the stars
by the wind, mad as the moon;
I, mad because I have to fold in

my hair to the angular light boxes,
sharp against my rebellious
curves that reach and blow like Her.

[Marjorie Jensen is a writer, bibliophile, dancer, & yoga teacher currently living in California’s Mojave Desert. She edited Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology and taught tarot poetry & fiction workshops at U.C. Berkeley. You can find her on Instagram @poetdancerwitch ]