When I sleep, I dream of you.
You wear a different face each time:
Thief, friend, trickster or lover:
But I always know that it is you.
You are the shapeshifter.
You change often, yet remain the same.
You are the snow that crunches underfoot,
And the howl of wild dogs on a midsummer’s night.

[Laria is a Hellenic Polytheist, and has been so since roughly June of 2009. She pays particular devotion to the gods Aphrodite-Ananke, Ares and Rhea-Kybele, among others. She have been writing — both fiction and poetry — for five or six years and can be reached via email.]

1 thought on “Shapeshifter”

  1. John Page said:

    I feel your poem is very profound

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