The Tarot Card Deck

Stick your head inside Strength’s beast
Open and close his jaws
Break through infinity’s wall until
The darkside becomes The Sun’s dawn.

There are wolves that howl at The Moon,
Next to the crayfish that slick by
In the lake full of Stars where
All the maidens under Aquarius bathe nude.

The angels are watching as The Towers collapse
And two bodies fall down to the ground
Past flame and famine, they will rise
Like Lazarus, again and again.

Next up is Judgement, trumpet poised
And blasting: take advantage
Before The Lovers change their minds again
And The Devil becomes your only friend.

Watch all the creatures of The World
Spin on The Wheel of Fortune faster than
Time comprehends and luck permits, while
The Hanged Man refuses a his earthly name.

Now the Empress gives birth,
The Hierophant learns,
A pomegranate is ripped,
And the Fool falls out of a cave.

So split the deck right in half
And be careful not to seal your fate.

[Evelyn Deshane’s work has appeared in The Fieldstone Review, Hyacinth Noir, and Absynthe Magazine. In 2013, she was the runner-up for A&U Magazine’s short fiction contest. In addition to writing, she is the poetry editor for Prosaic Magazine and has worked on the digital collections of Canadian artist and poet P.K. Page. She lives in Canada.]

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