Fallen Star

Light-bringer, radiant with pride,
Morning-star, reliever of Night,
Opiate to pale Diana’s
Skin of moon-cancer, Her night-fire,
Luminous with a sick desire
For cold fingers and colder lips,
Touched by shadow, yet star-light kissed,
Wet with liquid passion for Light,
For knowledge, for wisdom, music
Of inextinguishable mystery

Lucifer, bringer of true Light,
The day-star, seducer of pride,
Taster of the forbidden fruit
Dripping with whisperings of truth —
Yet you are master of shadows,
Father of lies, seeker of fire,
Luminous white-devil, sharp teeth,
Bright Prometheus, yet called Beast,
Falsely nightmare’d by best-selling
Fictions of inconstant superstitions

Vesper, casting shadows at night,
Evening-star, glowing sulfur-eyed,
Hot-phosphor white, silver hell-fire,
Burned & lightninged with ashen light,
Hotter than the Star of Lethe
Who holds the coiling wand serpentine —
Thus you, brilliant wandering star,
Starlight of Morning & Evening,
Luciferus, brightest of all,
Could not foresee the darkness of your fall.

Consume me, Light-bringer,
With imperishable Light —
Unchain me, Lucifer,
With your self-eclipsed Night —
Release me, Evening-star,
With your Shadows & Starlight.

[Clay F. Johnson is an amateur pianist, devoted animal lover, and incorrigible reader of Gothic literature and Romantic-era poetry. His writing has been featured in the Horror Writers Association’s Poetry Showcase, nominated for a Rhysling Award, and recently received an honorable mention in The Best Horror of the Year. Find out more on his website at www.clayfjohnson.com or follow him on Twitter @ClayFJohnson.]