For Freyja

Above all things, You make me feel
cherished. I am adored by You.
As the waves rush to meet the damp rocks, I love You.
As the sun glints off of a warrior’s breastplate, I love You.
As gold glitters in the moonlight, I love You.
As flowers grow to greet Your brightness, I love You.
In all that I am, You are there.
In all that You are, I follow.
You are Beloved to me, Shining Lady.
May I never leave Your side.

[Oliver Leôn Hêrês is a nom de pagan for a Canadian journalist, poet, and author. They are the editor of Burning Heart Press‘s forthcoming trans and queer pagan anthology Multiplicity. They have been reading tarot for six years. When not praying to Team Norse, they like to spend their time doodling, painting, or reading. You may contact them at for a tarot reading or to say hello.]