My Old Peace

My heart was full — pursuits, career,
My family, happiness;
But since I led a carefree life,
Soul-quiet, laced with bliss,
And knew not raging torrents which,
Compared, showed I was blessed,
And took my peace for granted,
My joy was rated less.

But then I met the Unicorn;
I soared to starry heights.
I traipsed the moon by touch of horn;
Invisible, our flights
Saved princes, tumbled castles, brought
The evil-doer low,
While we laughed in the forest,
Unknown, and happy so.

But now cruel fate has split the path:
She’s stalked, and leaves me free —
Left while I slept.  Sweep high and low,
My magic eye can’t see
A glimmer, spark of silver, just
One star for hope at night —
Her hunted horn, her outlaw state —
I would have shared her plight.

Now I am old with wandering.
But once upon a time
My heart burned bright, a Unicorn’s —
In spirit, magic, mind.
I now appreciate the peace
As well as heart’s full fire —
But I would trade it all for her —
And scorn her enemy’s ire.

[Adele Gardner is currently painting portals in her hall and building a closet TARDIS.  Home wouldn’t be complete without five cats, five birds, a harpsichord, and two friendly guitars.  She’s had poems and stories in Goblin FruitStrange HorizonsDaily Science FictionSybil’s GarageThe Leading EdgeMythic DeliriumMindFlights, and Star*Line, among others.  She chaired the 2012 Rhysling Anthology.  Her first poetry collection, Dreaming of Days in Astophel, is available from Sam’s Dot Publishing.  Please note: most of this occurred under her previous byline, Lyn C. A. Gardner.]

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