The Eye of the Hare

On hedge-lined lane our paths cross
Shining white on moon-lit night
Silent still, fur majestic gloss
A fleeting moment in the cycle of time

My startled gaze reflected in your eyes
Black bottomless wells of possibility
Brought by a twist of fate in full moon haze
I stand transfixed, mesmerised by your gaze

Those eyes suck me into your world
Spinning my head into a whirl
To a place where magic happens
And lets the banner of the spirit unfurl

A leap and bound into the midnight dark
A blink in time and you were gone
A trail of mystical light in your wake
Your eyes leaving their indelible mark

[Slave Nano is an author, archivist and local historian.  He lives in the English town of Beverlac where he enjoys walking in the ancient druidic woods near his home and finding out about the pagan sites in the local area.  He is an active member of the Leodis Pagan Circle.  Under a different pen name he is a published author of erotica. You can find out more about his other writing on his web site at


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