To Chione

We greet and prepare for you —
O Goddess of Snow,
and Cleopatra’s sister.

Daughter of Boreas, the blue-winged god
who soars over winter mountaintops
blasting the North Wind upon us with his breath.

And you, Chione, cloaked in silver frost
like the icy embroidery on our windowpanes
drift snow from your white wings onto our homes

where Hestia tends the fireplace we huddle near for warmth
as your flurries dance over our roofs and soon fill the city streets.

[Lorraine Schein is a NY poet and writer. Her work has appeared in Strange Horizons, VICE Terraform, Syntax and Salt, and Polu Texni and in the anthologies Gigantic Worlds, Tragedy Queens: Stories Inspired by Lana del Rey & Sylvia Plath, and Aphrodite Terra. The Futurist’s Mistress, her poetry book, is available from]