wanderer_1Title: Wanderer
Publisher/Artist: Adrian von Ziegler
Price: $5.00 US

Wanderer  is one of independent Celtic/Gothic music composer Adrian von Ziegler’s many releases. The cd, which is an electronic album comprised of three long-running inspirational tracks, is available for purchase directly from the composer via BandCamp.com and other music venues.

Being a lover of Celtic music and inspirational pieces, I gladly gave this album a listen and enjoyed it very thoroughly — each song is perfectly haunting and enchanting in its own way, filled with the spirit of the Celts and enchanted forests, and it is an excellent album to accompany anyone wanting to spend an evening writing, drawing, working crafts (magical and nonmagical alike) or simply relaxing.

The first track on the album is the melodious and serene “Morning Dew”, a strongly Celtic piece of gentle tenacity, its rising melody carried forth by soft harp, strings, and shimmery birdsong. This song rises and falls like rolling hills, drawing the listener farther and farther into a pleasant realm of lullaby and mythical rhythm and peace. This song would be perfect for meditation in the early morning, as its brilliant and enthusiastic flourish towards the end would be a welcome and easy way to wake one’s self from sleep and emerge fully energised to face the day with a smile. I personally shut my eyes and listened to the entire thing, and felt much more able to handle the stress of my day afterwards.

Similarly inspiring and relaxing is the next track, “Evening Breeze”, a poignant, pensive, and invigorating piece which heavily features cawing crows, plucky harp, and rising woodwinds. The song swirls out of quietude into a full-on Celtic reverie, producing mental images of a beautiful woodland populated with wizened birds and guiding dryads. This song seems like a good one to listen to whenever one needs inspiration for writing fantasy stories or even just general inspiration; the hearty strength of the woodwinds lends vigour to the spirit, and the birdcalls add a spice to the piece that truly roots it in the fantastical.

The last track on the album, beautifully rounding out a trio of inspiring Celtic pieces, is “Night Mist”, a soothing, calming, mystical musical adventure that conjures rainfall, haunting bell melodies, and delicate strings to invoke the pure essence of a still night full of wonder and magic. Though it begins on a rather ominous note with high, fading bells, this song is actually the heart of gentleness, the lush strings fleshing out into soaring and uplifting melody, sending the listener off into a dreamy world of imagination and, perhaps, inspired sleep.

Thus, I would recommend this album to anyone who likes Celtic music, inspirational New Age music, relaxation/meditation music, and fantastical inspiration!

[Belle DiMonté has been widely published both online and in print, boasting a worldwide reading audience with readers in Scotland, Ireland, Finland, and Romania. Her debut poetry chapbook Res Primae was published in 2011, and most recently Pagan Friends interviewed her for their Imbolc issue. When not writing, Belle is gardening or reading Latin. Find out more about herhere.]  

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