She used to have wings
that glittered
that flittered with such vibrancy
as the Goddesses had intended
you caught their flash
through the forest Shadows
especially when Luna
danced Dark
but the glitter faded
as it was methodically erased
by that which called
her Goddesses travesty

She lost her play time
with Hekate
her dance wilted
with Morrigan
laughter was forgotten
with Cerridwen
lost her flirtation
with Erzulie
and adventures
with Bast

Her wings folded
into the Never

And then after
a long long slumber
a residency with Nod
that seemed almost permanent

Luna suddenly took up a new waltz
and whispered her anew

Autumn leaves
that had always held dear
to her heart and magicks
tip toe tiny rustling
came back a calling

Into the woodlands
she tentatively
braved Night again
to see what the music held

Her ears opened
to Pan
and Cernunnos
and the
all knowing Green Man
for His fox and stag sentinels
kept calling
it was at last time
tragically overdue time
that her wings fluttered anew

They gave her the lead
to re-open the veil
to make her wings unfurl
and the glitter
erupted so majestically
that the entire forest
was alight
in its rainbows

She re-entered
the lost world
her sacred Faerie realm
re-discovered her origins
came even further alive
as her laughter continued
to unlock doors
many which her spirit hadn’t known existed

The darkest Shadows
even in their
own delightful splendour
still can’t hide
her glitter now

She finally

[Robyn Alezanders is a writer, artist, and mum who often dreams of dancing round the faerie circles … in the moonlit rain. Her work can be found in Nemonymous 5, The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, and Everyday Weirdness.]