Spring Equinox 2010


Firstly, Flowers by Laria

Secondly, A Hymn to Hermes Dionysodotos by Sannion

Thirdly, Kyrielle to Persephone by Allyson Szabo

Then A Path Without Bones by C.S. MacCath

Followed by Queen by Laria

And lastly, Sacred by Bettina Theissen



Firstly, All About Gerd by L. Beth Lynch

Secondly, Artemis Iokheira by Jolene Dawe

Thirdly, Beltane by Penelope Friday

And lastly, Goddess of Pohjola by Tahni Nikitins



Firstly, Encyclopedia Mythologica: Gods and Heroes by Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Then, Horus by Johane Matte [reviewed by Frater Eleuthereus]

And then, Magic, Power, Language, Symbol: A Magician’s Exploration of Linguistics [reviewed by Phillip A. Bernhardt-House]

And lastly, witches&pagans #20 [reviewed by Phillip A. Bernhardt-House]



Firstly and only, Corrina Lawson, author of Freya’s Gift and Dinah of Sparta [interviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

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