The Lament of Arawn’s Queen

Shining and shining, a luminous gray,
This liminal world of ours.
Hunting and hunting, we claim our prey,
Our fates led by the stars.

Dreaming and dreaming, I watch you sleep.
I long for your sweet touch.
Gently and gently, my fingers creep,
My hand, your hand to clutch.

Darling, my darling, lord of all dead
Do not recoil from me.
Heart to heart, your soul mine fed.
Oh, hear my anguished plea!

Lover, my lover, oh king of fey
Your flesh is my delight.
Yearning and yearning for death of day
To frolic in the night.

Spurning and spurning, you scorn my lust
And make me feel unclean.
Sighing and sighing, awaiting your thrust,
My throat can’t quell its keen.

Year, a year!  It’s been a year!
I cannot quench my thirst.
Husband, oh, husband, my darling dear!
I fear our bed’s been cursed!

Arawn, my Arawn, king of my heart,
If you turn away tonight
Dying and dying, my soul I’ll part
And from this realm, take flight.

[Chelsea Arrington was born in a town named after a poet, and so The Norns decreed she was fated to become a poet as well.  Her work can be found in the magazines, Spectral Realms, The Audient Void, The Literary Hatchet, the folk horror anthology, A Walk in a Darker Wood, and elsewhere.  Chelsea is a practicing witch in an active coven.  She hoards books, movies, and art and lives in the Greater Los Angeles area with her Viking and their children.]