Join the Coven of Her

September Esbat and I met Her for tea —

She unwrapped the weather, and handed me a piece.
We popped thunderstorms like chewing gum, spit
the sopping membranes into cups.

Ground with lipstick, we drank it down, letting
it settle, luna moths alighted in our hips.

I swallowed, hail and all, and felt blood-
orange lilies take root under lungs’ shade, breaths
of pink lemonade.

[Kailey Tedesco loves all that is strange and unusual. She edits poetry for Lehigh Valley Vanguard and Marathon Literary Review while pursuing an MFA in creative writing from Arcadia University. You can find some of her other work in FLAPPERHOUSE and Jersey Devil Press, or follow her on Twitter: @kaileytedesco.]