Sonnet in Honor of Medusa

She shines in splendor as the mighty Sun;
Meeting the gaze of those who dare to see;
Transforming Goddess, She and Snake are one:
Medusa is Mother Earth, Sun, and Sea.
Healing and poisonous plants fill her brews.
Snakes flicker in the halo of her hair.
The mystery of the deep is Her muse;
The hidden caves beneath the Sea, Her lair.
I will devour your soul whole with my eye.
I will harden men’s flesh with my fair face.
I sing the song that cause all folk to die.
I give them transformation, rebirth, grace.
In beauty and horror She is death and life.
She is autonomous woman, no man’s wife.

[Chelsea Arrington enjoys composing dark romantic, fantasy, and devotional poetry. She has been featured in the anthology Folk Horror Revival: Corpse Roads and will be in the upcoming anthology Goddess: When She Rules: Expressions by Contemporary Women, and the forthcoming issue eight of the journal Spectral Realms. She is the Maiden in Twilight Spiral Coven. She enjoys watching old movies and listening to opera and classic rock. She lives in the Inland Empire with her Viking, her nephew, and two papillons.]