An Elegy For Echo

did let your chiton slip
from your slim shoulders
so you might dance ecstatic beneath
the heavy canopy of storm clouds
bending your head down
did you lose yourself
in the bountiful wood
your sense of direction sold
for a luminous flower flourishing
along a pond’s mossy lip
did you trade your voice
for the voyeur’s view
of Narcissus on his knees
adoring the most beautiful boy
in all of that dreamy vale
did you relinquish untamed liberty
to be linked like a fine chain
now and forever with love
unrequited — to be a side — note
in a most melancholy myth

[Hillary Lyon is editor for the small press poetry journals The Laughing Dog, and Veil: Journal of Darker Musings. She holds an MA in Literature from SMU. Her work has appeared recently in Red River ReviewScifaikuest, and Red Fez. She lives in Southern Arizona.]

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