Brigid Invocation

One within Three,
Yet all Three within One,
Three Sisters of Fire,
And Mother of the Sun,
Thou art the keeper of secrets,
Forger and weaver,
Eloquent poet,
And ancient healer,
Goddess of Old,
And Saint among men
Smothered to embers,
Yet reborn again
Thou art the fire
But I hold your flame
I am you, You are me
One and the same

[Romany Rivers and is a British born witch and Reiki Master currently living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Resident poet with Moon Books, author of Poison Pen Letters to Myself and the upcoming book The Woven Word, she has also contributed to several collaborative pagan books. A columnist and contributor to the new magazines Wildstar Forest and Moon Tribe, she co-founded the Moon River Wicca teaching tradition in the south of England, and is currently pursuing seminary training with The Temple of Witchcraft.]

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