Give me your cattle
Give me your wheat
Give me your milk, boy
Give me your meat
So cold, so cold
Electric eyes so blue
Standing there cold
Dissolving to speak to you
Raven wing and blinded eye
Hanging above the Well tonight
Love maker — tell me my fate
Love maker — take me I can’t wait
“Living Oracle” he said
“from your lips I drink”
And I awoke, my heart once dead
Now with runes and moon words could speak

[Gloria Steele-Hatten is a mother, wife, spiritual advisor, and fertility health counselor, passionate about healing through the power of the Word, integrating spirituality, sex, and art. With acute aptitude for interpreting the spiritual, mythological, or symbolic in literature, film, and pop culture, Mrs. Steele-Hatten loves engaging in socio-sexual-political discourse concerning representations of women in modern mass media and how these images inherit, perpetuate, challenge, or refute ancient ideas and representations of women, particularly in religious iconography, mythology, and ritual.

Taught to read by age 2, a writer since the age of 5, and published poet at 11, Mrs. Steele-Hatten is ambitious about returning the artistry, glory and glorification to dedicated literary Craft and Scholarship. When not writing, Mrs. Steele-Hatten enjoys Ecstatic Dance and Painting, and enjoys exploring spirituality through Tantra and Kinbaku practice with her Beloved husband.]