Wolfheart (A Tribute to Skadi)

When I lift my face up to the wind
Breathing the Night and taking it in,
The wind teases me with something new:
The clean winter starlight scent of You.
Then, across a vast, benighted sky,
You voice Your challenge — a howling cry.
I answer in kind, my pulse quickens;
My wild heart leaping, Our song begins.
Neither man nor woman, beast nor fowl,
Can match an impassioned wolfen howl;
For Our hearts beat with fierce emotion,
unequaled in Our wild devotion —
Living for that moment, face to face,
When We meet ‘neath the Moon’s silver face.
Playful-fierce growls sound as wild hearts meet —
We join, fang in flank and snapping teeth.
Then, bound by unquestioned need,
We to Our own destined hearts accede,
And then dance by the Moon’s primal creed.
In this way, Our wild, wild hearts are freed.

(For Skadi, in adoration)

[Kyle Hulbert enjoys manga, H. P. Lovecraft, and all things strange. He is a proud Wiccan and a Lay Minister of the Rowan Tree Church. When he isn’t pining for a Beautiful woman, he spends his time finding ways to amuse himself with his friends. Within his chest beats the heart of a Wolf, blessed by Skadi.]