Hekate in Waiting

Hekate is in waiting
Just around the corner.
Thought I saw her standing there
Waiting for the fall.
We were young together,
You and I,
And I’m still young
Though age has caught you now
With gifts of aching joints
Clouded eyes
Closed up ears —
Hekate is in waiting.
We dreamed Her coming
While we wandered
The lazy summer streets.
We dreamed the lamp within her palm
Which slowly lit the night.
We dreamed your departure
You, with whom I shared my childhood
Into her quiet flight.
This house of witches
Thought we saw her standing there -–
Hekate in waiting.
Forgive me all these
My trespasses against you.
I’ve been awful
And you’ve waited it all out.
The things we do to those we love —
The only thing there’s left to do
Is stroke your graying hair and wait.
I’d keep here, keep you for mine
But I’ve been cruel before.
I owe you this, to not fear death —
And Hekate is waiting.
I’ll rest with you while you do go
Though I’ve lost my feet.
I hope this place to which you travel
Is a restful place, at least.
And when Hekate no longer waits
I’ll kiss you as you go
And try so hard to not remember
You won’t be ‘round tomorrow.
And when Hekate no longer waits
I breathe your last breath to keep
And try to forget that someday, too
We all pass through those shrouded gates.

[Tahni J. Nikitins is a student of Comparative Literature and Creative Writing. In fall her essay “The Deconstruction of Narrative Framing in David Markson’s ‘Wittgensteins’s Mistress'” will be published through the department of comparative literature’s annual journal Nomad and she plans on finishing her degree in Sweden. Some of her fiction and poetry has been featured in Huginn, Lilith: Queen of the Desert and Unto Herself: A Devotional Anthology for Independent Goddesses. She can be found at http://musing-ramblings.blogspot.com/ and tahnijnikitins.deviantart.com.]

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