The Dark Moon led the way
To a deep, long forgotten cave
Bravely and without hesitating, I stepped inside
Immediately following, I started to slip and slide
Down, down, down, falling so quickly
To the depths that awaited me silently
A thud, a bump and maybe a bruise
I landed abruptly as with nothing to lose
Blackness completely surrounded me
I wondered, where in the world this could be
Brushing myself off, I took a stand
Then a step, to explore this land
Beneath my foot, I felt a pebble
And then there was quite a tremble
A shake, a shook, a tremendous beat
All right there, right below my feet
I started to run with nowhere to go
But a tall dark figure appeared low and behold
She didn’t utter a word, just nodded her head
As in to remind me that I was not dead
She reached out her hand to give me a gift
To help me out when I needed a lift
I looked down and thought how incredibly smart
To hand me back my own broken heart
Remembrance comes with hurt and pain
And knowledge to not do those things again
The things that give us just one moment of pleasure
Only to find out that they didn’t quite measure
to an idea of what we really should be
so our souls can go on completely free
The things to release and change our past karma
The choices that some may even call living dharma
My heart, I held it tenderly, safe and tight
As this strange being suddenly waved good night
A kiss she blew as to send me a mother’s nurturing love
And to tell me that not all blessings come from above
Who is this woman that stood before me?
Some may wonder who she could possible be.
A witches’ queen, a dark goddess is what she is known by in this land.
To those that are called by her, she is the great and powerful Morrigan.

[Alura Rose opted not to provide a biography.]

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