The Bifrost Bridge

bifrostTitle: The Bifrost Bridge (The Viking Princess Saga, Book One)
Publisher: Wynwidyn Press
Author: James Bradley Clarke
Illustrator: Marcus Gran
Pages: 92 pp
Price: $12.99
ISBN: 978-0989054997

Loki and Freya and trolls, oh my! A day at the lake sends 10 year-old Princess Silya and 11 year-old Princess Hedda on an adventure filled with Norse mythology and legend. These resourceful girls rely on their own quick wits, curiosity, and intelligence to help each other survive Loki’s evil plot. And they aren’t afraid to get help from the adults they encounter along the way, either.

Truly age-appropriate and still very true to the tween mindset, this story treats the reader to a fun romp in an ancient Nordic setting, complete with beautiful old-world style illustrations. I seriously hope Mr. Clarke writes many more of these brave princesses’ adventures, and soon!

[Reviewed by Bev Martinez.]

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