Eight Minutes to Reach the Sun?

Final illustration from the Splendor Solis (16th century CE).

Alchemy was the search for that perfected vessel, to carry the soul along to its new body — incorruptible, born of the mother of all mothers who has no mother. The alchemists labored in concert with the midwives who preserved the herbs and plant recipes to reveal, “The Truth,” carrying on this wisdom of the Gnostics, as taught by reliving the resurrection of Christ …. His death was not a crucifixion to atone for Original Sin, but a demonstration of the restoration of the soul into its new body through the sacred, incorruptible vessel …. The  blood is symbolic of The Truth contained within the plants, as an antidote to the lies, the bondage, and the enslavement of our souls to whatever age we are birthed into.

Deliverance! And then we may stay or go, depending, and if we stay, of course, it is only to redeem the souls of the dying (that would be one and all, for who is not dying) through our Art, or, bringing forth that which is within, our involution becoming evolution.

There cannot be one without the other. The symbol is: Cross, crucifixion, involution, Resurrection, evolution and the raising of Art up to heaven.

Thus, the Holy Spirit as feminine, as the plants themselves teach us the way to transcend nature — our nature too — and the way of resurrection, or, the soul’s redemption in the next body …. Otherwise, condemned to the endless cycle of birth and death, from plant to human, and back down into the earth.

So, the alchemists and their cohorts, the midwives, were searching for this vessel.

There is first the ethereal body, which is simply the energy body that mirrors the blood, bone, and flesh body, sort of like the grid that expresses the Chinese Qui energy throughout the body. But then there is an astral body, within the energy body, that houses the soul. This astral body can carry the soul to its next body, that is beyond the death and rebirth cycle, as Christ showed his disciples when he appeared to them.

In a vision I had after a friend died — who happened to be an herbalist and a midwife — I saw that this astral body has a size and shape and even a weight that could be measured … and that the measurement of a troy ounce was in fact the weight of the Astral Body, as discovered by the alchemists, which can ferry the soul anywhere, if it is remembered, and taught to experience its truth … that it comes from the mother which has no mother … that it is incorruptible, not of this age, not of this earth. The alchemists hid their true search for this incorruptible vessel within the lie that they were attempting to transform lead into gold, to avoid being labeled heretic and burned at the stake.

A transcendent vessel, beyond time, or the fourth dimension, as Einstein revealed the severe limitations of a four dimensional world: Light has a maximum and constant speed. Therefore, communication, in four dimensions, is severely restricted. For example, it would take eight minutes for your thoughts to reach the sun. 

We all know there are plenty of empirical examples of instantaneous communication between husband and wife, twins, or parent and child over great time and distance. And even the spirits of our loved ones and family have communed with us, in a fashion that knows no four dimensional restriction.

So, the naked soul passes through certain horrors (the crucifixion) before it can remember its truth: The incorruptible astral body knows no space, no time, no birth, no death. It is birthed from the mother that has no mother, as depicted in the ancient Greek tale of the warrior Ion who was delivered from the mouth of the Serpent to the divine presence of The Mother, Athena …. That is the same story as the Crucifixion! Relived and retold some five hundred years later. Because we had forgotten once again!

Of course, a patriarchal Sun God, Monotheistic in Heaven over Earth, is invented by a Roman Church Society who does not want you to remember, let alone act upon these Truths. And will do whatever is necessary to stamp out this threat to its existence.

The only way out is through, according to Aleister Crowley.

If you bring forth that which lies within, it will save you, or what you do not bring forth will kill you, rephrasing the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas.

To give birth to that which is lies waiting inside you, even if that frightens you to no end. This evolves from the idea that art can make something higher than nature … and only art. And the mistaken belief that power makes you a god, or devil, or both. The journey of the artist is to redeem his soul from the bondage of his age … and in doing so, to help free others, so inclined, as well. Art is the business of the very resurrection of the soul into a new body. Art is alchemy.

[Gary D Aker lives in Portland, Oregon where he currently pursues dance, photography and creating his crime novels, in addition to writing lyrical and narrative poetry, flash fiction, sudden memoir, long-form memoir, articles, numerology charts and whatever else is lying about that needs to get written. His poetry and flash fiction has been recently published in Night Bomb Press, and The Smoking Poet.]