Fenrir’s Pain

When I still ran free in Asgard, and we were worlds apart —
I could not hold you in my arms, so I held you in my heart —
I lov’d you with a love so deep, they make no words to say —
I lov’d you in a time when men were young, as I love you still today —
You brought a light to darkness, that I had held inside so long —
You gave meaning to the words, and music to the song —
The sun and moon shone brighter, for they cast their light on you —
And I each day grew calmer, for what the world might do —
I cared no more for destiny, or war, or the evil that gods and men may see —
My thoughts drifted to serene and peaceful times, with you so near to me —
But, when they took me from you, and chained me out of fear —
My hatred grew a thousand fold, without your voice to hear —
Sons light no longer warmed me, as Mani no longer brought me sleep —
And the only thought that kept me was the day I would see them weep —
I will take from them their light, as they have taken mine —
And they will be in darkness, with no  warmth to feel or find —
I will take from them their king of kings, to which they kneel and pray —
Their pleas and sobs be answered not, when on my ears they lay —
And after I have devoured all that laid or came into my path —
And they cry and suffer, for waking up my wrath —
I will leave them then, cold and in the dark alone —
To see if they can bear one tenth the pain my heart alone has known —

[Chastity Heather King was born in Greeneville, Tennessee and has been writing since age twelve. She now resides in Nashville and is currently working on a novella. She was inspired by the Norse Mythology story of The Fenris Wolf (Fenrir) and wrote this poem. She is in hopes that everyone who reads it that doesn’t know his story will look him up and read about him.]

2 thoughts on “Fenrir’s Pain”

  1. shirley riddle said:

    Yes, it is very good. She has a lot of promise.

    • Chastity King said:

      Thank you so much. I Loved his story so much still working on the novella in hopes that it will be finished by fall

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