Hapi Breasts the First Cataract

The Hymn to the Flood says:

Lightmaker who comes from the dark; fattener of herds,
might that fashions all, none can live without him.
People are clothed with the flax of his fields.
Thou makest all the land to drink unceasingly,
as thou descendest on thy way from the heavens.

The eternal sun, Amun-Ra, bakes the skin
like oiled leather from the Nile’s cradle to mud brick grave.
Isis looses her tears, and the rain falls to flood
as Hapi’s water breaks past the First Cataract.
From the bloody care of Lord Hapi’s fertile womb,
children pop, blessed, down from the sacred cave in Aswan.
Both father and mother is the son of Horus.

On these banks all life births from the kiln of delight;
women, urns of earthen clay, set children to rise.
Within the marsh, in greenery, with fish and fowl
in colors saffron, ocher, and black as basalt,
the flood mothers Egypt’s pride at the wadi’s edge.

How the small ones squeal and dance upon the skirt
of rising tide, sensuous on rippling winds they ride.

[Deborah Guzzi is a healing facilitator specializing in Japanese Shiatsu and Reiki. She writes for Massage and Aromatherapy magazines. She travels the world to expand her knowledge of healing and seeking writing inspiration. She has walked the Great Wall of China, seen Nepal (during the civil war), Japan, Egypt (two weeks before ‘The Arab Spring’), Peru, and France during December’s terrorist attacks. Her poetry appears in magazines such as: here/there:poetry in the UK, Existere – Journal of Arts and Literature in CanadaTincture in Australia, Cha: Asian Literary Review in China, Latchkey Tales in New Zealand, Vine Leaves Literary Journal in Greece, and Travel by the BookLiquid ImaginationIllumenSweet Dreams and Night TerrorsDead SnakesLiterary HatchetSilver Blade, and others in the USA.]