In the first clench of colorless space
cold so hard it cuts like glass
air so harsh it falls as ice
Life so empty it is yet to be noticed

In this nothing, this lack of breath
a swirl of ebon upon empty color
a gathering
waiting of time

A pucker — the cosmos folds and buckles
torn, it whirls and shreds
locked in embrace
scattered forever

Pulled and drawn
woven and raveled
woken and silenced
sunset and dawn

Where nothing was
yet everything is
a congealing of seconds to matter
weaves mind with the thought
the time to be soon
the when to be ever

Hands claw the fabric
tugging with sound and motions unknown
she reaches and gathers
the dust and the moisture
she rolls in the warmth
garners the essence
then lets it float

The solitary goddess looks on her disc
With thumbs and lined fingers
she rounds it out
presses in seeds
Atoms — beginnings,
breaths in reserve for moments to be

Pleased with her image
she jumps on the sphere
and dances it
beneath her feet
she twirls — wanton flurry of forces
a blur to the unborn seers of time
the ball in attraction
whirls in her wake

The dance endures the coal-dark void,
sweat sprays out
spattering space with luminous light
lighted now, evolution and change

She stops
the orb revolves
so swiftly — everything seems to stand still
but the goddess, unfinished continues to dance
stomps her foot in primal joy
and frustration
she stomps again in response

The vibration,
reaction sets the clay smoldering
heating and flaring with elemental force

Fire — she breathes perfumed breath
fans the flames
feeds her desire
warms the world’s frozen glaze
builds the beginning, the heat of life
the rebirth of lava
destructive melting
the inspiring hearth fire
warm candlelight
the brightness of sight

Air — she claps in delight at the ball
sends it orbiting away on an elliptical path
it rotates along a spiral she weaves
the clap of thunder
thrill of sound
the vibrational wave
the seed-floating breeze
sigh of the living
the breath of meaning

Water — she cries as it flows in furrows
the world compacting, her hands slick mud,
mold mounds as she spits out dirt
the eternal ices
thrashing downpour
the dew-swept land
the flow of the womb
surge of blood
the trickle of tears

Earth — she laughs
the precipice quakes
her toes root stone
she gyrates the thrum
the rooting trees
bursting seed
strength of bone
flesh and blood and dirt
and weight of more to come

Spirit — she whispers in the ears of all beings
in the leaves of young shoots
the bark of all trees
small scuttling crawlers
swimmers of seas
she laughs and runs — dancing the sky
making — unmaking everything now
he then she then we and on

All that is possible

She flickers in and out and through
the blooming of we
the revisions of you
dancing time’s feel
re-creation and permanence
temporal vines

Again she spins
and again she twirls
and again she creates and unravels
moments sublime

She shatters conceptions
all beginning in you
ending in me

[Colleen Anderson has published over two hundred pieces of poetry and fiction in such publications as Crucible (2nd place winner), Witches & Pagans, They Have to Take You In, Polu Texni, and Cicada. She is an Aurora Award finalist in poetry and a Rannu competition place winner. She has new poetry coming out in OnSpec and Burning Maiden.]