Thor’s Regret

The gates of father’s home are forever sealed
Still shaming him from his high place for desire
Marrying this human woman in secret
He burned my mountain home in orange fire.

A king must be feared to reign supreme here
Now my selfishness has bought him so low
The other gods have died mocking our name
He left their broken bones out in the snow.

This family secret made a tyrant of a good man
A well-loved father who sang lullabies at night
Before he took the crown from older gods head
And sent their bodies forward into the fire light.

I have my thunderbolts to keep my new family safe
A little wife and little girl to tend this little farm
Hoping father’s spies find no trace of my new life
Keeping those I surrendered immortality for safe from harm.

[Matthew Wilson’s work as appearances in such places as Horror Zine, Star*Line, Spellbound, Illumen, Apokrupha Press, Gaslight Press, Sorcerers Signal and many more. He is currently editing his first novel and can be contacted on twitter @matthew94544267.]

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