To Eurydice in Dallas

on your back scanning
the sky looking for stars
in their eyes in the faces
in the dark
under street lights
smudges of ghosts lean
against brick walls wet
and asking why
you fooled them
one more time
for a handful of melodies
sown like seeds
in a fallow field splattered
with blue-bonnets
crowned with cactus thorns
and sweetest nectar
dripping down
your mind your strength
rises like incense thick
clouds obscuring the stars
you travel through this dark
you unclasp your garment
blow a stinging kiss to him
who would question your choice
who would willfully ignore your desire
to lie down with shadows
[Hillary Lyon is editor for the small press poetry journals The Laughing Dog, and Veil: Journal of Darker Musings. She holds an MA in Literature from SMU. Her work has appeared recently in Shot Glass Journal, From the Depths, and Shadow Train. She lives in Southern Arizona.]

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