On the Riverbank

The air feels full and flushed
with You;
Your song perfumes the dusk;
and dew
trembles upon dry seed,
for Your soft touch. Intrigued,
You tease
and taunt (while, subtly
the reeds
rustle with Your laughing);
Til You
at last, relent and send
the drop
upon its slipped descent
to spread
new life into the seed –
night blooms!
Behold! Sobek’s blessing:
not the
union, but the active
unlocking things that have
been primed,
but passive, being brought
from what
was once but nascent thought —
O! Praise
to He who Brings the Flood!

[Raised in Louisiana and Texas, Sobekreshuten now lives in Norway with her husband, two cats, and an assortment of aromatic plants. Her work has also appeared in Lord of the Carnelian Temple: A Devotional in Honor of Sobek. In her spare time she enjoys eating fruit and navel-gazing.]