The Divine Divorce

I can’t sleep
the wolves are louder than Thor’s snoring
there is no freedom
no waves to bring promise of gold
no horizon to reach for

You talk of sleep, husband?
sea-fowl screech every morning
it amuses them to keep me awake
I cannot hunt without hearing their laughter
My bow yearns for worthier game

Noatun is a paradise!
look to the sea for your bounty 
look to Sol riding her chariot across the heavens
see how her light catches the water
as it ripples out through time

All I see is distraction 
an exposed, noisy land
in Thrymheim, your purpose is clear
the slopes beckon to be climbed
fate is decided in seconds

The mountains are a bleak place
filled with cold and ruin
a reflection of our marriage
for eighteen days we’ve gone to war
I would see it end

The tides forever change
there is no base to build a home on
no certainty set in stone
for eighteen days we’ve battled
at last we agree

[Author’s Note: The union of Norse deities Skadi and Njord is one of the most famous mythological marriages, mostly for how short it was! It lasted a grand total of eighteen days.  The Divine Divorce sees the pair bickering over which of their realms is better. ]

[Jamie Ryder writes: I am currently based in Manchester, England and have a Masters in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University. My short stories and poetry have been published by Hyperion and Theia, EastLit Magazine,, Colp and Fireborn Publishing.]