The Battle of Shuhyung and the Yellow Emperor

In the beginning before the beginning
Spirit held Matter at bay
Or so the Taoists say.

The Universe itself was at one with itself
Until the Darkness slowly gathered
And matter joined to matter.

Then a time came before Time came
That Matter piece by piece
Formed a separate beast.

But in the long night before there was night
Spirit gathered all the light
And thus began the epic fight.

Yin swirled around Yang and Yang around Yin,
And when Darkness struck Light’s face
Stars exploded into Space.

And on that great day before there was day
Light threw Darkness down
And smashed its dark crown.

But the vault of the heavens before there were heavens
In the death throes of Matter
Did shatter and shatter.

The Dome thus destroyed thus created the Void,
And as the Emperor bled
The bright stars all fled,

And all that was the Universe before there was a universe
Was drawn toward the Void
To be lost and destroyed.

Then the Horned Dragon came, Niuka by name,
And with her rainbow breath
Saved the universe from death.

The Dome she repaired
Save two holes that she spared
To be sealed and complete
Each time true lovers meet.

[The poet, author, and gentleman songster,  Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD, resides in Kansas with his wife, children, and a poorly trained Airedale terrier.  He maintains a part-time medical practice, is a member of the Codex Writers’ Group, and is the editor of Songs of Eretz E-zine & Poetry Review.  Visit him at]

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