Spring Equinox 2012

Featured Artist



Break Out by WC Roberts
This Desert in His Soul by Alexandra Seidel
Diana Remembers Actaeon by Brittany Warman
Drift of the Nymphs by Michael Routery
Epona Matins by Deborah Walker
Ever Flowing by Janine Canan
Inanna, Queen of the Universe by Janine Canan
Isis Conquers All by Alexandra Seidel
Queen of Heaven and Earth by Colleen Anderson
Sigyn Dreams by Steven Klepetar



The Fourth Card Is the Empress by Gary Aker
Imagine by Beate Siggriddaughter
The Scent of Lilies by Tahni J Nikitins



Larisa Hunter, author of Fulltrúi and head of public relations at Immanion/Megalithica
Sara Timoteo, author of A Child’s Eye View of Astrology



All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power: A TransMythology by P Sufenas Virius Lupus [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Crafting Magick With Pen and Ink: Learn to Write Stories, Spells and Other Magickal Works by Susan Pesznecker [reviewed by VE Duncan]
The Faery Garden by Beatrice Phillpotts [reviewed by Belle DiMonté]
Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers [reviewed by Melia Suez]
Luuna Volume One by Didier Crisse and Nicolas Keramidas [reviewed by Amanda Sioux Blake]
SageWoman #81, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven [reviewed by Maris Pai]
When the Lion Roars: A Devotional to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet, edited by Galina Krasskova [reviewed by Wolfen Moondaughter]
witches&pagans #24, edited by Anne Newkirk Niven [reviewed by Jennifer Lawrence]

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