That Dream of Stars

That dream of stars, spinning,
Moving above me,
Moving through time,
Tracing spirals in a rock,
One moon,
And again, two, and again,
A cycle of
Rising and falling
Grooves curled into stone
Marking the curve of the moon
The sweep of the sun
And where they meet
When the black sun
Bursts a rose of light,
Looking up at that
Black night
Studded with diamonds
Burning ice that
In their dance
And tell a story of time
With their weaving
Tracing spirals
Above my fingertips
Burning in my
I will reach for that sky
For that eternity ocean
The creation dust
That glitters
From the beginning of time
I will reach for that aching
Until the stars burn gold


[Shauna Aura Knight is an author, artist, ritualist, and community leader. She travels nationally offering intensive education in the transformative arts of ritual, community leadership, and spiritual growth. Her writing includes works on Dreamwork, Pagan leadership, and ritual Facilitation. She has several published urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, and Shauna’s mythic artwork is used for magazine and book covers as well as decorating devotional shrines.]

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