Virgos in Valhalla

When thunder rolls and rides a blackened sky, as in days gone bye,
in Thor’s abode live Valkyries, such as I, as in days gone bye.

Virtuous, shield maidens, who bring hero’s to Valhalla’s hall;
Virgo’s, surely, sisters all; loft those who die, as in days gone bye.

Judges of truth with pure intent, whose honor’s heralded by all;
seeking order from war’s chaos; they try, as in days gone bye.

Virgo’s are Valkyries all, as they champion each hopeless cause;
ever lifting, ever striving, they will rise, as in days gone bye.

With fire and fidelity each Virgo flames, she is bold, and untamed
but, you can always trust a Virgo not to lie, as in days gone bye.

[Deborah Guzzi is a healing facilitator specializing in Japanese Shiatsu and Reiki. She writes for Massage and Aromatherapy magazines. She travels the world to expand her knowledge of healing and seeking writing inspiration. She has walked the Great Wall of China, seen Nepal (during the civil war), Japan, Egypt (two weeks before ‘The Arab Spring’), Peru, and France during December’s terrorist attacks. Her poetry appears in magazines such as: here/there:poetry in the UK, Existere – Journal of Arts and Literature in CanadaTincture in Australia, Cha: Asian Literary Review in China, Latchkey Tales in New Zealand, Vine Leaves Literary Journal in Greece, and Travel by the Book, Liquid Imagination, Illumen, Sweet Dreams and Night Terrors, Dead Snakes, Literary Hatchet, Silver Blade, and others in the USA.]