What Nephthys Has Collected

“Nephthys has collected all four limbs for you, in her identity of Seshat, lady of Builders, and has made them sound for you.” ~The Ancient Pyramid Texts, PT 364; Sethe Vol 1: 331 §616b

In what order, the building of the body?

Left hand, first, the wielder of fire.  Join
this to the right, a susurration of earth:
the slow roiling of the Nile offering silt
to soil cracked by the sun’s heat.

Next, the torso and legs, rooted.

A star chart’s connection of the heavens
passes chiefly through the frontal lobe,
vibrating the spheres to the final quadrant
of this body’s temporal building.

Is it this we read on the pyramid walls?

The body’s faint glow of starlight, repeating,
effortlessly, from constellation to source.

[Alicia Cole lives with a photographer and a bevy of animals.  Over their house, egrets and great blue herons fly.  She has a penchant for birding, blackberries, and walking through brambles.  Her esoteric poetry and non-fiction may be found in Witches & PagansSilver Star Journal, and Abramelin: A Journal of Poetry and Magick. She rambles at three-magpies.livejournal.com.]

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