Honoring Ys

When you tumble down to the sea, make sure you think of me.
Yes, me, oh dear. I’ve taken your eyes, your teeth to fetch a pretty price
but I left you your heart, your heart
so you could remember me.
And when the sea flows down your throat, salts your wounds
and steals your heart, remember to cry
my name, my name into the sea
and then she will remember me.
(Yes, she will remember me.)

[Deborah J. Brannon* (codename: Geek Dame) spends her days in the South
herding words by freelancing, with nights and weekends dedicated to
scribbling furiously. She has a degree in Mythology and is involved in an
ongoing, informal dalliance with fairy tales and folklore. Her articles and
reviews have appeared in Faerie Magazine and Cabinet des Fées, among
others, while her original work can be found in Human Tales (editor:
Jennifer Brozek), Scheherezade’s Bequest, Pedestal Magazine, and more.
You can discover more at www.geekdame.com. Follow her on Twitter as