Fae of Forests

We dance with purpose through the lives of mortals;
The unicorn, the stallion, and the mare
Bestow upon them Wonder; gifts they share
When traveling the worlds through twilight portals.
The elementals haunt the mortal world
Bestowing gifts of Energy, for fire
Was their sole spark of life and earth, their sire!
And blood was water! In the air, breath swirled!
I, Fand, the goddess, give the gift of Hope —
That little spark of light in the abyss
So truly known in mortal kind’s brief bliss —
For it alone can help their kind to cope.
We are the fae of forests, at least some,
For there are many of us yet unseen
And yet unfound — find us with senses keen.
We help mankind, and when we’re called, we come.

[Ashley Dioses has been previously published by Hippocampus Press, Centipede Press, Wildside Press, Martian Migraine Press, Burial Day Books, and others. Her debut poetry collection, Diary of a Sorceress, was published by Hippocampus Press this year. She has also appeared on Ellen Datlow’s full recommended list for Year’s Best Horror Vol. 7 for her poem, “Carathis.” She is also an Active Member of the HWA and a member of the SFPA.]