Circle Waltz

reed pipe drawing me

faery crossings tickling my toes

His fingers alight

serenading stardust

Pan of the Woods

welcome to my show

shall we dance, my dear?

here in the copse with you

I unwrap the world’s scarves

and see how many different ways

there are to skip-a-lou to effervescence

it’s lovely to be faerie queene

if only for dusk performance

your serenading, wise father,

soothes my savagery and brings

the starlight back into focus

you remind me when chai teas swirled in the rivers

when all creatures gallivanted free

a chat and a song and a marshmallow toast

in your grove spins the dreamcatcher asunder

filling it with happy auditions winning residency

[Robyn Alezanders is a writer, artist, and mum who often dreams of dancing round the faerie circles … in the moonlit rain. Her work can be found in Nemonymous 5, The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, and Everyday Weirdness.]

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