Winter Solstice 2015

After the War by Matthew Wilson
Creation Myth by Ronald Terry
Evermore by Robyn Alexander
Everything Silver by Kai Coggin
The Fallen by Nick Carter
From Canyon to Chrysalis by JD deHart
Glamour in the Gloaming by Deborah Guzzi
Hecate’s Domain by Gerri Leen
Horse Gods by Steven Klepetar
Interior Design by Evelyn deShane
Moon Children by Lady Spiderwitch
The Priestesses of Bast by AJ Huffman
Queen of Ghosts by Alexis Child
Remember You Were There by Alexis Child
Three by Lynette Mejia
Whispering Ravens by Steven Klepetar
Wings of Enchantment by Sally Nemesis
The Wolf Who Would Eat the Sun by Steven Klepetar

The Piper of Rats by Rebecca Buchanan
True Devotion by Juli D Revezzo

Jolene Dawe, author of The Faerie Queen of Spencer’s Butte
Beth Wodandis, author of Assuming the Mantle and Water From the Well

Beyond Reason by Heather Freysdottir [reviewed by Erin Lale]
Earth Mother by Ellen Jackson and Leo and Diane Dillon [reviewed by Shannon Connor Winward]
Foul Is Fair by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins [reviewed by Erin Lale]
Inheritance Trilogy by NK Jemisin [reviewed by Jolene Dawe]
Magic Mourns by Ilona Andrews [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Of Ice and Magic: An Epic Fantasy Novella by Hugh B Long [reviewed by Erin Lale]
Pop Culture Magick 2.0 by Taylor Ellwood [reviewed by Alaina Zipp]
Spirelli Paranormal Investigations: Episode 1 by Kate Baray [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Undercover Gorgon: Episode #0: Becoming by RL Naquin [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
You Are This: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul by JM Harrison [reviewed by TJ O’Hare]