Wings of Enchantment

Sacred Lady of heat and flame,
Ochre shadows across the sand,
Shapes of wings and black vulture’s eye,
Temples, enigmatic statues against the sky.
Oasis glimmer, shade lending palms,
Mirages of far-away land,
Every dune, repetitive shape,
No grain too small to escape
The searching gaze of She who seeks,
Who wails and cries, Her dark eyes weep.


Magnetic Goddess of black velvet night
Searching Her lover, hid from sight.
Rustling reeds impenetrable stand,
Papyrus high, gold of fan.
Twinkle crystals, earths mined stars,
Pathway of sparkle, illuminate dark
Obsidian river, its banks so wide,
Despair stares from every side.
Kohl-blackened gaze of She who seeks,
Who wails and cries, Her dark eyes weep.


Winged Enchantress of sunrise wind,
Spices, oils, rose-perfumed She sings
Her spells, incantations carry through the hot air,
Mourning the God who is not there.
The dying land, there is no corn,
Nothing grows until Osiris is re-born.
In house of Seth, imprisoned is She,
Scorpions seven help Her to flee,
Show the way thru marsh and swamp, but still she seeks,
She wails and cries, Her dark eyes weep.


Sacred Priestess of the River Nile,
The Queen of Byblos is on your side.
Oh, sister Nephthys, help me to free,
Osiris is prisoner of the Tamerisk tree.
The evil Seth has him slain,
Inside stout trunk he is lain.
They spirit Him away and out of sight,
Both together, they restore his life
With scented breath and feminine touch,
A child’s conceived, born through love.


Water Goddess of river delta wide,
She travels by boat, there Osiris to hide.
But now, out hunting, Seth has him found,
Cut him up and scattered far and around.
The Sacred Sisters once more search and find,
On wise instructions of Thoth, they do bind,
Using Mystical Rites, Anubis and Horus help embalm,
Osiris to pass safe through the underworld is their plan,
To judge in the afterlife upon golden throne.
Wondrous Isis, Her husband restored,
To rule Egypt’s spirituality forevermore.

[Sally Nemesis is a Wiccan priestess and also a life-coach therapist. She lives close by the ancient Roman walled city of York in England where she has a patch of land and grows organic vegetables and celebrates the turn of the seasons in her elemental garden. She is an active member of the Leodis Pagan Circle.]