One Spark

Aphrodite, beauty eternal, ancient
And immortal, yet everlasting, youthful,
Waves of hair and golden complexion, pearling
Laughter, just joyful:

Leave for us your stately Olympian abode.
Come, on swift winds fly here, make haste and join us
Join your gorgeous priestesses’ efforts, aid us
Here in the circle.

Join our holy quest for the one thing eternal.
Aid our sacred search for the highest blessing
Help us find your greatest of gifts – this one thing:
Love — bright and brilliant.

Just one touch may bring madness, welcome —
Just one moment sense for a lifetime, burning —
Just one spark enough for a fire, passion —
Love that consumes you.

[Bettina Theissen is a practising Wiccan, avid reader and occassional poet and writer who  lives with her two kids and her husband in Belgium. She is the author of A Sacred World: Divine Encounters, and has contributed to Bearing Torches: A Devotional Anthology to Hekate published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.]