Demeter’s Song

Feeling the autumnal breeze
I sit and watch the changing trees.

Resting in my armchair throne
Awaiting Virgin, Mother, and Crone.

Summer’s end brings the ladies three
As they come to visit me.

Aganippe first begins her tale
Of men and motives and how they fail.

Her tale is told within our dreams
Where not everything is as it seems.

The dreamer awakes with dreadful fright
Relieved that nightmares are gone from sight.

Chloe’s story is less alarming
In fact, it’s actually quite charming.

A respite after the previous tale’s strife
She speaks of birth and love and life.

Persephone is last to speak
Each year her story is just as bleak.

“It is not my wish to offend
But all good things must have an end.”

Her voice, a whisper, turns to song
From then it isn’t very long–

Before the leaves fall to the ground
And silence is the only sound.

Very soon the snow will come
For now the ladies’ time is done.

A cycle ending, begins anew
And I know their tales are all too true:

There is an end for all things
Peasant, merchant, and even kings.

Each time I hear the ladies’ tales
My hearing dulls, my eyesight fails.

I wonder how long it will be
Before that ending comes for me?

[Author of the critically acclaimed graphic novel Afterlife (YALSA quick picks selection), screenwriter of “The Deal”, a ghost writer on a Steven Seagal film (advance apologizes if you’ve seen it, I was following the producer’s instructions), and author of numerous stories and poetry. Hayes has written for Nigel Lythgoe (producer of American Idol), The Weekly World News, and his epitaph. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, he now resides in Los Angeles where he expects the smog to slowly kill him. He can be found in old parking lots, abandoned malls, or at]