Aphrodite Melainis

The stars that stretch across Nyx’s dark skin
Flock towards you as you appear, your
Skin blindingly bright even under the
Full, warm glow of Selene’s most white world.
Beams of silver fall from your eyes and drape
Like silk scarves over your body. Even
Zeus turns his gaze from you as you dress; he
Knows to not draw your smiles in the twilight.
Dappled in moonlight, you reach towards the
Kosmos with the curiousity of
A child reaching for a dusky apple,
Or a young man plucking pomegranates.
The kosmos yield to you, most beautiful
Queen, for they follow the directions of
The Moirai, and the Fates are yours alone
To command, Aphrodite Melainis.

[Laria is a Hellenic Polytheist, and has been so since roughly June of 2009. She pays particular devotion to the gods Aphrodite-Ananke, Ares and Rhea-Kybele, among others. She have been writing — both fiction and poetry — for some five or six years and can be reached via email.]

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