Persephone Seeks Soft Fur of Bees

The door of my remorse opens
to stubborn rules I must follow
(six months here, six months
there), and the nightmarish

gash of earth that closed upon
his plunging black beasts.
These remain my Cyclops,
my River Styx, my endless

pomegranate regret.  My desire?
To be a Spring Goddess, Honey
Queen, reign over sterling wishes
of swarming children who

construct a massive wax comb
where foragers loaded with booty
arrive on the hive landing board,
deposit their golden extract.

I seek soft fur of bees,
vibrations behind hive walls,
their expansive, busy shadow,
admire worker bees’ unspoken

divisions of labor: guard the queen,
feed the brood, clean the hive,
collect the cash crop of pollen,
fulfill the undertaking task

of dragging out the deceased,
and deposit royal jelly to nourish
any worker who would be Queen.
I would relish multi-eyed drones

that easily locate a vixen Queen
who mates with many, and they,
having fulfilled their sperm duties,
gladly die to honor their queen.

[Marie Kane’s poetry has been twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has appeared in the Bellevue Literary ReviewU. S. 1 Worksheets, Wordgathering, The Schuylkill Valley Journal, Naugatuck River Review, The Meadowland ReviewI-70 ReviewSmall Print MagazineAdanna Literary Journal, the Damselfly Press, and many others.  Her work has been frequently anthologized and has placed in the top three in several competitions: the Poetry Society of New Hampshire contest, the Inglis House contest, the D&R Greenway contest, and the Robert Frasier.  She is the final juror in the national scholastic Sarah Mook poetry contest, grades K-12.  Her chapbook, Survivors in the Garden (Big Table Publishing, 2012), centers on her life with multiple sclerosis.  She is the 2006 Bucks County (PA) Poet Laureate and the poetry editor for Pentimento Magazine.  See more of her work at]


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