Come, you swift-footed god
rescued from the Titan’s pyre
nursed by nymphs of the rain
born twice in pain and fire

Come, oh great bull-horned god
rampant in the fields
ripen me in fiery heat
to you this crop I yield

Come, lord of the winding ivy
your roots know Gaia’s earth
pluck me like a sun kissed grape
taste in me my worth

Come, god of deep seeking life
stomp grapes in the agora
press from me doubt and worry
transformed to your amphora

Come, Eleutherios
bind me to the vine
unleash my tempered spirit
I feast on the divine

Come, dithyrambos
I, your maenad wild
lift my feet in primal dance
let loose this chthonic child

Come, Dionysus
god of the budding thyrsus
I am your feral frenzy
let them truly fear us

Come, Dionysus
Lord of dark and light
God of the mysteries
I follow you this night

[Colleen Anderson is a Canadian author writing fiction and poetry and has had numerous poems published in such venues as Grievous Angel, Polu Texni, The Future Fire, HWA Poetry Showcase and many others. She is a member of HWA and SFPA and has performed her work before audiences in the US, UK and Canada and has placed in the Balticon, Rannu, Crucible and Wax poetry competitions. Currently she is working on two poetry collections. Colleen also enjoys editing and co-edited Canadian anthologies Playground of Lost Toys (Aurora nominated) and Tesseracts 17, and her solo anthology Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland, was published by Exile Books. A Body of Work was recently published by Black Shuck Books, UK. Living in Vancouver, Colleen keeps an eye out for mold monsters and mermaids.]