Winter Solstice 2012

Featured Artist: Wolfen Moondaughter


Ala Entertains by Uche Ogbuji

Amphitrite, The Third One Who Encircles by Shoshana Sarah

Bast by Shannon Connor Winward

Circe Weaving by Sandi Leibowitz

Come Kali by Shannon Connor Winward

The Dancer in the Wild by Jason Ross Inczauskis

Elevation by Morgue McMillan

For Apollo by Michael Routery

Four O’Clock Light by Gene Twaronite

Hymn to Mut by Gemma Files

The Last Fate by Alexandra Seidel

Mithras and Jesus Celebrate Their Birthday in Las Vegas by Julie deGarie

The Moon Above by Adele Gardner

Muwashshah for the Mighty Dead by Slippery Elm

Mysteries of Harvest VI by Uche Ogbuji

Orpheus Ascended From Hell by Alexandra Seidel

Out of Season? by Literata

The Pagan Trail by Rebecca L Brown

Sonnet to Apollo by RG Summers

Summoned by Sandi Leibowitz

(untitled) by Jon Bolduc

Verse Found Scratched Inside the Lid of a Sarcophagus (Dynasty Unknown) by Gemma Files

The Waking of Angantýr, translated by SR Hardy



Heal Thyself by JD Revezzo

Ymir the Frost Giant by NT Brown



The Crone of Winter Solstice by Heddy Johannesen

Sifting Asatru by Larisa Hunter



Juli D Revezzo, author of The Artist’s Inheritance and “What Sekhmet Knows”

Robert Sass, author of The Old Saxon Language and Paganism and Saxon Paganism



Embracing Heathenry by Larisa Hunter [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Isis and Osiris by Jonathon Cott [reviewed by Tahni J Nikitins]

Star Bright and the Looking Glass by Jonathan Luna [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos by RL LaFevers [reviewed by Ariana Dawnhawk]

Wanderer by Adrian von Ziegler [reviewed by Belle diMonté]

Tales of Earthsea by Ursula K LeGuin [reviewed by Belle diMonté]

Wicca: A Year and a Day by Timothy Roderick [reviewed by VE Duncan]

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