You of the shining brow
Who bring the light of the sun to hold balance with the dark
You who hold the mystery of life force and of harvest and of sacrifice

You who hold the many arts, Samildanach
You who know the arts of crafting and music and magic,
You who know the arts of healing and tending and learning,
You who know the arts of fighting and seeking, of protection and of vengeance,

Fierce Striker,
You who hold the bleeding great spear of destiny
The lightning-strike, the thunder clap, the edge of the storm
That flares and roars and tears through the enemies of your tribe,
You who reign in the lance’s bloodthirsty screaming
In the waters of the great cauldron

You who sent the brothers on the quest for the honor price of your father
You who bring vengeance on those who have meted justice
And who brought the treasures of the quest to serve the tribe

You who hold the shamans magic, the sorcerer’s posture
Bring our fallen slain to life in the sacred well,
And restore them to us
Bring to us strength and courage
That we may rise and fight again


[Shauna Aura Knight is an author, artist, ritualist, and community leader. She travels nationally offering intensive education in the transformative arts of ritual, community leadership, and spiritual growth. Her writing includes works on Dreamwork, Pagan leadership, and ritual Facilitation. She has several published urban fantasy and paranormal romance novels, and Shauna’s mythic artwork is used for magazine and book covers as well as decorating devotional shrines.]

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