Persephone Dreams: Awakening

Dayblooms endlessly unfurl
violets, roses, irises
a rainbow bridge to walk
I pluck blossoms knowing others
always take their place

Content in the bower
of my mother’s verdant bosom
I sleep under sun’s reflection
not feeling my intemperate heat

In the shadows of my dreams
a cool shade stirs me
to wake
to look
to touch beneath the bloom
feel the sturdy stalk
the biting thorn that snares me
I taste the drop of blood as darkness unfolds
wraps petals about me

Awaking in full flower
I imagine nothing’s different until
I reach below lulling scents
to furrow the moist earth
and grasp narcissus by musky roots

[Colleen Anderson has published over two hundred pieces of poetry and fiction in such publications as Crucible (2nd place winner), Witches & Pagans, They Have to Take You In, Polu Texni, and Cicada. She is an Aurora Award finalist in poetry and a Rannu competition place winner. She has new poetry coming out in OnSpec and Burning Maiden.]

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