Of Creation

Creation is a bloody process
The more civilized people forget
That the only reason we can even sit in our clean and sanitized halls
And Bragi can sing His songs and put pen to paper
Is because Odin carved up Ymir
And crafted something beautiful
From the bloody ruin.
A world built from a corpse:
Mountains of bone, Seas of blood
Midgard was created from death.
The world revolves around the dance of life and death
And Creation can only come
After Destruction.
Only after the brush is burnt away.
One-Eyed Odin, The Terrible,
Knew this well.

[Amanda Artemisia Forrester has been Pagan for 15 years, and her journey has been a winding one that has gone through many, many transformations, and is currently in the middle of one such period of intense spiritual change. Although still mostly Hellenic and devoted to Athena and the Gods of Greece, Amanda is exploring Heathenry and a connection to Odin. There is no saying what the future holds at this time.

She blogs infrequently at templeofathena.wordpress.com. She has taught several classes on various subjects of interests to Pagans and Polytheists, and is the author of Songs of Praise and Ink in My Veins, published through Createspace.]