No part of the world I wanted
And yet I came to the Tree
The pain of my life, I shunned it
And yet I bore it for thee,

Seeking to understand you,
Struggling against the spear
Hurt and helplessly hanging
Nine nights that lasted years

Until I said yes to the suffering,
Allowed it to pierce my heart,
Thus making my final offering
Of the last thing that kept me apart,

For my desire to find you
Was greater than it all —
And I felt the spear pass through us
As the ropes give way, and I fall —

And realized the mystery
That we are one upon the Tree
That I am you, and you are me
And bound and free.

[Michaela Macha is Asatru. She runs Odin´s Gift, a collection of over 2000 Norse mythology poems, songs, and MP3s. Her first album “Skaldenmet – Der Ruf der Götter” (The Call of the Gods) with German heathen folk rock is available from the Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard, an international spiritual community of which she is co-founder. She is currently at work on a Heathen songbook.]

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