I give you my neck
Surrendering it to the noose
I bind my will to do yours
Paying the price for my actions.

I give you my hands
To shape ideas into being
Moving them with my agency
Or bound and defenceless.

I give you my feet
To walk where I must in your service
To follow you lost in the darkness
To stay with the task I have chosen.

I give you my breath
To sing what you send me
To catch it in rapture
To scream with pain.

I give you my mind
Its unused mazes
Its fevered frenzy
Its cunning and guile.

I give you my body
Its strenght and frailty
Until it will die
Consumed in your service.

I give you my heart
Wounded by love and open
To the spear of life bearing your name
That pierces it time and again.

I give you my soul
Beyond asking if this is possible
Beyond the fool that I feel
Beyond daily doubt.

I give you my self
Its best and its worst
So little, yet all that I have
Take me.

[Michaela Macha is Asatru. She runs Odin´s Gift, a collection of over 2000 Norse mythology poems, songs, and MP3s. Her first album “Skaldenmet – Der Ruf der Götter” (The Call of the Gods) with German heathen folk rock is available from the Asatru Ring Frankfurt & Midgard, an international spiritual community of which she is co-founder. She is currently at work on a Heathen songbook.]

1 thought on “Valknotting”

  1. Jim Wise said:

    Brilliant work by a truly gifted poet.

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